New parking garage opens in Downtown Fredericksburg

The Winchester Street parking garage in downtown Fredericksburg is now open to the public.

According to a press release from the City, the new parking garage on Winchester Street in Downtown Fredericksburg in now available for parking. Fredericksburg has for the past several years been leasing the Barton Street lot located at the corner of Barton and William streets while the nearby garage was planned and built.

Both the Winchester parking garage and the Barton lot are owned by Fredericksburg-based real estate and construction company Vakos Companies.

Now that the Winchester Street garage now open, the city’s lease on the Barton Street lot is being terminated, as has always been planned.

Barton Street lot will no longer be available for public parking starting Monday, November 16. Near-term, it will be used for private construction parking for the nearby Winchester Place and William Square development projects. Vakos also has future plans for a development on the Barton Street property.

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